Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

 The loot

 Zoey loves jewelry and got some from Santa

 New lego wagon...sporting her new Puma sweatsuit (adorable!)

In the afternoon we went over to my parents and enjoyed some more presents and a wonderful dinner cooked by grandma. Sam, Lisa, and their kids were there (pictures are on grandma's camera) and we enjoyed some time playing with them. 

Zoey trying on Rafa's new beenie...not sure how the pictures got out of order.

Princess Castle Tent

 Zoey and her cousin Drake
 Zoey likes using the window instead of the door!

Having fun

Christmas Eve we had Rafa's dad, Victor, and his sister, Janis, and her family over. We had fun opening some presents and enjoying a yummy dinner together. Victor gave Zoey a princess castle tent and she loves it and plays in it all the time now!

Christmas Time

 Happy Girl!

The last week before Christmas I decided to put some presents under the tree and Zoey did great at not touching them! A couple days before she decided to start sitting on a big one but I was surprised by how well she did! 

i LOVE my girl!!

Zoey loves to sit in Pooh's "chair" sometimes. After she got her Pooh she went and took the box out of recycling and put it next to her princess chair. Guess she thought Pooh needed a place to sit too! :)

 Sitting on top of a castle...thinking she is so clever.

 Found a new place to hangout!

Gotta love her big blue eyes!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Snow Fun

Zoey did not really care for the snow. She warmed up a little to it and ran around in it some but did not want to touch it. Hopefully some sledding will be in our future!

Such a cutie!

Enjoying the cold and snow together!

Zoey Facts

There are no words to express the joys of motherhood. I love it so much and love our little girl like crazy. She brings so much love, joy, and laughter into our home. I love seeing her grow and learn. And it seems like she is doing so much of that lately! 

 Zoey loves Winnie the Pooh and can listen to the old theme song over and over and over again.

 Zoey enjoyed pulling and blowing the dandelions. 

 Loves to play "peek a boo" or "where's Zoey?" 

 Big smiles! 

Zoey likes to pretend she is drinking from things all the time! This girl. :) She also loves to "blow" her nose on everything. This last week or so she also started to twirl around. She loves to sit in her princess chair and cuddle and talk with her stuffed animals. She is quite affectionate and gives good hugs and kisses. She loves her vegetables, especially peas! Sometimes it is hard to get her to eat things besides vegetables. :) She is  good at playing by herself and with others. She also enjoys reading lots of books each day.

Words she can say:
dada and daddy

she can sign:
all done
thank you (still in progress)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Zoey Belle

 Most of the cupboards in the kitchen are locked but we leave the one open with containers so that she can play and explore. She loves to get into it and pull them out! Sometimes I wonder why we buy so many toys when she can so easily entertain herself!

 This last weekend we had an accident on the couch so I had to take off a cushion to clean it and she decided to start playing on the couch this way and now she is constantly wanting the cushions off so she can play on the couches!